Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crochet'ing with my cousin

Last night I was teaching my cousin how to make a hat... It's been a while since she crochet'd, and her hat turned out very interesting. I dont know how she did it but she did something really cool with the texture of her hat. I'll have to share pictures of it a little later today. Right now I am cooking for 18 people.. Me, Mom, Dad, My little sister Rachel, My little brother Daniel, my older sister Kathy, my aunt mary, my cousin, her 2 children, my nephew, my brother in law, and my sister's boyfriend, and also grandma and grandpa. I've been cooking since 10 am.. Well technically 11am, I spent the first hour thawing out the cubbed steak. I'm making country fried steak for lunch. :) Anyhow I'll post later tonight the pictures of the hat she made and the hat I am making.


  1. hi again!! its me tampagirl from swap-bot!!!

  2. Hi! You have a great blog, you've created such beautiful things! I'll be looking forward to seeing more cool things from you in the future :) And wow, you are cooking for a lot of people! Hope you had a nice time :) Hugs, Stepht